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think about it just four o'clock disorder most. four year period you have disposal area except what on earth is that from it's derived from greek ice you know petard let's just say it means sure moodysson little unstable that. he says can be treated but it will be treated. if it's an amazing american story while it is wait another month tell your doctor about the cases are taking. your plan to become pregnant some women experience. they had prozac a well known anti-depressant. the patent had expired. now so they published one hundred articles on the. most in one year and thirty journals they just didn't make any of samples or had as i. had to be taught about p.m.t. didn't it. and the solution of the new molecule.
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it gets exactly the same as prozac with gets identical it's just a different color. and the price is quadruple to be of course since women only take it five days a month. it's been mind boggling film study of all ecclesial ever no matter. what the rationale. some of the pharmaceutical companies fell from a city realized it could be profitable no pudge you avoid all the striving and that he would see foresee at twenty s. a seri to find a new drug for health problems on into something made without caesar to use existing drugs. and in what end the health problems to match the drug i don't like the new chemical system is reversed if that can see its own companies have
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a court folio of medications equal says usada leave that for some reason we aren't earning profits so it's good for the common we invent an illness sort problem you want problem mrs sell the drugs it was you niggas with madge and you're an auto manufacturer. you're not in business to make wheels of a kid the usual you go for a few amputees see if your goal is to make attractive automobiles. to maintain your position. on the biggest markets in every industries and especially pharmacy from his must solve the same problem. in other words goals riving the end of story is not healthy but important is helping patients and so the harm is driven by potential profit in the market square sales and prices can be maximized going to see.
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the industry is always trying to expand the market. so it has an interest in expanding diagnostic criteria seek love vs li most people have normal blood pressure the. there is a small minority presenting one hundred sixty or one hundred seventy with one hundred seventy millimeters of mercury and even smaller minority has a blood pressure of one hundred eighty even a few higher so the threshold chosen to define hypertension is one determines the number of patients or customers and thus sales. don't. feel leads many pharmaceutical firms wanted to encourage doctors to broaden the criteria so demand a decent whatever diagnosing the disease don't use so that medication is prescribe
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for more people to manage it for me to take one thousand adults with blood pressure over one hundred sixty over ninety pondered if you prescribe a medication to treat hypertension compound yeah i would go after four or five years it will have prevented a stroke you'll start ten or twenty people and that's good for those individuals everyone's happy for them to know what made you decide me but think of the order of math. most of the people taking the medication somebody she's a benefit company did but they didn't something. if the threshold for hypertension is lowered. or that could be even more people will be treated or no benefit is being exposed to adverse side effects to the general if i did lose sales i was active eating healthy i thought i was in great shape so i was surprised when my
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doctor told me i still had high cholesterol that really hit me and got me thinking about my health i knew i had to get my cholesterol under control i thought i was doing enough to lower my cholesterol but i needed more help what are you doing about yours in the extreme or the been able to do is to persuade everybody that the cholesterol levels that you find in twenty five year olds are the norm this is what we all ought to be any at and based on this you find that the cholesterol. levels that are found in how the populations of france and germany mean that ninety five percent of germans and french are technically ill from industries point of view this is wonderful it's a huge market they're in the business have been able to say to huge amounts of people that you should be on the staten group of drugs to lower your cholesterol
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levels and lower the rest you will have a heart attack. a stroke when in actual fact we know that if you don't have the other risk factors if you haven't had a heart attack or stroke before and if you aren't overweight and if you don't smoke taking this group of drugs just because you've got i marched me raised. cholesterol level increases your risk of death and in the cholesterol guidelines the last major revision was in two thousand and one in the american cholesterol guidelines nine out of fourteen of the experts who were on the panel that set the standards had financial ties to the drug companies now this is very important because the two thousand and one guidelines almost tripled the number of americans for whom staton therapy was recommended the number it went from thirteen million to thirty six million and most of the twenty three million people for whom status became
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recommended based on those guidelines did not yet have heart disease. one in five people has high cholesterol and millions need treatment to be cholesterol community would becomes known later to their critics as the cholesterol mafia are interested in pursuing not only the premise that lowering cholesterol can be results in better cardiovascular outcomes but in really pushing forward a promotional message to the american population. on a sort of an individual consumer level on a specific patient level and on
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a provider based level these multiple tiers of health targeted promotional movie. cols to get the american population concerned about their cholesterol in the know your number of campaign comes across as a as a way of getting all americans to identify with the number that one should have in one's consciousness a sense of what their cholesterol number is so doctors will measure their patients cholesterol and if and the patients will ask for their cholesterol to be measured and if the cholesterol aside the doctor will often say mr mrs jones your cholesterol is a little bit high why don't you come back in three months and in the between now and then why don't you exercise more and eat a healthier diet and we'll see if your cholesterol goes down and then we won't have to treat you if your cholesterol goes down and more often than not cholesterol won't go down that much with these healthy lifestyle interventions and then the
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doctor will say well mr or mrs jones i'm sorry your cholesterol hasn't gone down so we'll give you a cholesterol lowering medication and then you won't have to worry about it but they've completely missed the boat because taking the action of exercising more and eating a healthier diet is going to decrease the risk of heart disease somewhere around sixty or eighty percent that's a normal slee effective therapeutic intervention. and when the doctor says well we'll give you a cholesterol lowering drug you want to worry about all that other stuff that's so hard to do the doctor is focusing on the wrong thing because the patient has done the successful intervention to change their lifestyle the doctor doesn't understand that the change in lifestyle may not lower cholesterol but it will certainly reduce risk of heart disease bob dole courage something shared by countless americans. those are risk their lives. those who battle serious illness when i was diagnosed with prostate cancer i was primarily concerned with really myself as
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a cancer but secondly i was concerned about possible post-operative side effects like correct dysfunction. often called if the you know it's a little embarrassing to talk about e.d. but it's all poured in that is a matter of their partners bob dole lost the presidential election against clinton now clinton. not only was president but he probably also didn't need it but. he needed both the medication and the money you know presidential campaigns are expensive and. so he became a spokes person for this brand of campaign and he really was associated with vadra with. and this was very important because. this thing of talking about it so you really needed somebody. very senior very well respected very conservative ok you can't have a hippie or an old rock star talk about you really want to penetrate you know
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middle america the more conservative people because there's more of them then than all the hippies. so this is this was perfect ok perfect person senator coming from the south war veteran very respected talking about e.d. it made a difference for many many people. we said well if bob dole has the courage to talk about it i can. see if you leave the. economic up and downs in the final months day so long the deal and the rest of the life during the case he will be everything.
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to come up right from the sea. search string. and i predict future. on our reporters twitter. and instagram. to be in the. long. lead.
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wealthy british style some time to explain the fine. market why not. candy. why not what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cars are the no holds barred look at the mobile financial headlines tune into kaiser report on r g. p even a. president scrambling for all to. go to. school with it or leave him for the pennsylvania. rise michigan elects to install almost total sets. in the trillion dollar amounts with the production of
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a drug like zones divide the report you have industry doing and able to persuade is that any variation from one hundred percent. rigidity the whole time is a dysfunction it's an illness and that it needs to be treated so where before we had a group of older men who had other physical conditions which meant that they couldn't perform for the sexual point of view who would have been extremely small market for drugs like viagra now we have young man in their teens who are being encouraged to think things out up saluki perfect the whole time that they have an illness and that's the pill is an answer to the problems that they have.
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to see if it's. good to use it because you shot your gal. who did. the decrease it a cause do the things. you see somebody and the. excuse. to find a problem to fix something pretty recent i just picked up the sunday newspaper about a week ago and in the sports page there was a full page ad for cialis which is a product for a a male erectile disfunction somewhere to buy a. and. another form of monitoring to me is taking a drug that might have occasional use or even routine use like a drug for when a man wants to be intimate or have intercourse he thinks about taking his viger or his cialis makes sense but the ad had two things in it one it was
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a coupon and it said cut this out bring it to your doctor for a free trial of cialis so that caught my attention you could say ok you know getting the consumer involved in thinking about their disorder and their symptoms a form of market expansion but it also said take cialis every day to be ready. so kind of preying on a sort of male stereotype you never know when you're going to be ready for sex so you better have your system but very clever marketing it's become a maintenance medication.
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that when the place you. had. a good example of the marketing of a diagnosis would be the depression diagnosis physically major depression in the ninety's sixty's and seventy's anxiety was the big diagnosis everybody had some kind of and was i had a disorder and the drug class for treating anxiety disorders was ready to hand it was the benzodiazepines that is the drug class to the blues librium and valley grown men some of the big drug users were once. there that are in fact called anxiolytics ok. and with drug companies marketing to men's are they as opinions but
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they market it was a variety so that physicians were encouraged in the one nine hundred sixty s. and seventy's to see anxiety when a patient comes in and sits down and the patient's. been a little bit weepy and tired but is also nervous and anxious well if you've got anxiety disorder we're going to prescribe value ok and then what happened in the one nine hundred eighty s. was that the benzodiazepines librium and value started to be associated with addictiveness and both the public and the physicians fled from them in panic thinking by god we don't want to put our patients on drugs that will addict them and this then created a huge opportunity for depression they enter the picture you know when you feel the weight of sadness you may feel exhausted hopeless and anxious whatever you do you feel lonely and don't enjoy the things you once loved things just don't feel like
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they you still these are some symptoms of depression a serious medical condition affecting over twenty million americans this led industry to persuade people that where they thought they were anxious before and they weren't that behind. t. imes eyes he's they thought they had lay an illness they were depressed they had to villa's through there came was lowered serotonin levels and these pills were going to mark this woman's they were going to top the sewer totally levels up depression may be related to an imbalance of natural chemicals between nerve cells in the brain you just shouldn't have to feel this one more only your doctor can diagnose depression everybody can recognize symptoms and. depression is the find as five out of nine symptoms of a given list of nine symptoms for at least two weeks duration. those symptoms include sadness lack of pleasure things like fatigue
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insomnia loss of appetite lack of concentration on your usual tasks roles as well as thinking about death. slowing down to mobility called the cycle motor retardation and a few other symptoms like that so as you can see just from that list a lot of people could meet that criterion could have symptoms of fatigue insomnia sadness not interested in their usual activities and so on for a period of two weeks after many many different stressors. now what's happened with these criteria is that they aren't only used in clinicians offices if they were only used in clinicians offices many clinicians would make the discrimination between a normal response to loss loss job loss love whatever betrayal. versus a true mental disorder least someone but what's happened is these criteria have
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become so they are fighting the culture they are considered the definition of mental disorder officially person is emotional. the daintree still. a five out of nine criteria is a little arbitrary probably people who have less than five criteria might have a borderline or milder condition and in physicians' offices these checklists they use actually say if they have less than the five symptoms then they may qualify for subsidies romel or some threshold or minor depression goes under various names so you see how the you go down a pathway from these specific symptom criteria it takes you down a pathway that leads to virtually any episode of sadness due to a loss of life as being potentially pathology ised and treated kind of what a magically with medication. does exist in minutes
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a key to this will be produced on me you'll have to settle for less. than a d.t.p. it was opposite of. me on t.v. but in the late one nine hundred ninety s. three selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor in group drugs began to come off patent. and this left industry with a problem first of all they could have replaced the s.s. arise with a new group of of antidepressants if they had drugs that were better than yes that's right if they had drugs they were more effective than yes that's right they could have said to doctors well yes all these patients that you're treating for being depressed are depressed but we now have a better group of drugs to treat them with problem for industry was that they couldn't actually produce drugs that were better than the older drugs that were there before hand and it seemed to him the seed to increase need to industry to be
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a better. better strategy to do what they had done twenty years before hundred which was to convert patients who had been seen as being anxious over into cases of depression but now to convert them from cases of depression into cases of bi polar disorder bipolar disorder is challenging and can effect you john and family and friends for years and severe mood swings racing knots unusually high energy in was extremely irritable when you had manic depressive the lists you often had a mood which was high and meant that you had to go into hospital and you remained ill for months when you went depressed you had a mood that was extremely severe could lead to you maybe committing suicide lity being in hospital and were often ill for months from industries point of view
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changing over to bi polar disorder meant that they could begin to capture any of the normal variations of mood that we all have bipolar disorder is a sign thing is many depression. in the nine helps you understand what's happening to you. but it doesn't make it any easier to deal with. this on. bipolar one disorder as it was termed was much the same kind of illness as classic money to passive illness was but industry have been able to pick up research that has been done at there which suggests that there's also by polar two disorder and bipolar three disorder and bipolar four disorder and bipolar spectrum disorder and what
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these refer to are pro aggressively milder and milder variations and they elicit that you ultimately get down to conditions where if you or i have a mood going up and down during the course of the day if you and i monday morning here if you're feeling the way an office feel on a monday morning and that's low mood and later on during the afternoon the things of god well you're going to be in much better form if you keep a mood diary as industry have encouraged people to do then you produce a curve at the diary and you're and courage to to think and your doctors are also encouraged to think that curves like this which go from being low to high even during the course of a single day are in fact the early forms of bi polar
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disorder and of course doctor it's a good idea to treat the early forms of the a list before it becomes more severe and treatable there's a tremendous pressure now because of the definitions of these disorders and because of the freeness of handing out medication. there's a tremendous pressure on people to function socially optimally at every single moment and if they do not if they are role impaired as the psychologists are saying then this suggests disorder and suggest they should immediately go and get medication. it seems to me one could argue this point but it seems to me that the kind of world that we're constructing potentially here for our children and grandchildren to inhabit is one that does not allow the full freedom of human emotion.
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full salary a. child a little rights. that . you. paid for the young girls can hold for the future harder. between two and three hundred million guns united states so you can act like they're not here and keep kids away from them. the pass' that is they won you know i mean this teaches them a lot of rough spots ability and simply come to pay through the eyes of children if we can do it for our children love for our future what the country will save.
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she good lumber tour. was to build a new. version of leave. anything mission to teach music. this is why you should care only.
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russia wins its thirteenth gold as the country breaks away from the pack at the top of the rankings setting the record. at a winter olympics. and he moves close to a split the opposition dominated parliament appoint its own acting ministers and president while the southeast refuses to to its will and they have stayed as nowhere to be found. friends all over their current chaos. their peers it is stifling ukraine. anti russian rather it takes center stage in western . baghdad. and the us politicians who are the most frequent visitors to kiev during the protests. and this.

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